Hello I capture High quality images of your children.

I have trained in photography and have a BA(hons) in Visual Arts, I worked in print and graphic design but decided to concentrate on my passion for photography after my first daughter was born.

Nursery photography is where I started 10 years ago and continues to be one of my favourite places to take photographs. Although I'm now concentrating 


I left my full time job to explore what I could do that would full fill my creative passions, enable me to earn enough money and give me time to look after my children!! This is no mean feat and there are definitely times where I'm super busy and my children get plonked in front of the Tv, the house feels like one of those containers you throw your rubbish in at the tip and I'm still working at 4 am in the morning! But I am on the road and going in the right direction no one said it was supposed to be easy...