In today's fast paced world the lines between work time and social/ family time have been blurred, we expect so much of ourselves that sometimes it can become overwhelming. Throw into the mix a new baby who turns your world upside-down (no one ever fully prepares you for life the changing emotions a new baby evokes in you especially the first time) I remember the staggering feeling of responsibility I had towards this tiny creature whom I loved more than I ever thought was possible. Days and nights blur into one, sleep becomes a distant memory as does any sort of social life! Any sort of to-do list gets forgotten feed sleep feed sleep.... Not that these day aren't great lazing in your Pjs curled up with this beautiful new baby the pace of life slows down and the work e-mails cease to buzz.

I like to think of my self as a family lifestyle photographer, my newborn shoots consist of a few posed shots of your newborn or baby asleep if they are young enough. I have a cute basket which I fill with fur I then like to capture either a sleeping or an awake baby snuggled in the basket. Your baby does not have to be under 2 weeks old for this shoot but the younger the sleepier the older the more wide awake.


I then like to capture the naked baby pics bare bottoms and cute feet...


(this beautiful sleeping baby is 4 weeks old)


just after this is the perfect time for either mum and dad or any big brothers and sisters to jump in (maybe not jump!)




With a young baby things rarely go to plan which is fine because if you expect the plan to change then really things are still going to plan ;)

This shoot will take between 1.5 and 2.5 hours depending on your child/children generally the more children the longer it will take.

I will bring a few props and lighting if necessary, (I use natural light for the majority of baby shoots unless flash is needed due to a lack of natural light) but please think about blankets and personal items that have emotional connections to you and your family as this is what my photography is all about.