Where will the shoot be held?

The shoot will be held at a out door location of your choosing I normally suggest going a walk and stopping a various different locations along the way. Or if you would prefer I can suggest a location I have shot i various national trust and botanicle gardens and i also do seasonal shoots in lavender fields, wild flower fields, bluebell woods, and of course Autumn is a wonderful season to get stunning images.

I can also shot at your home generally my newborn shoots will be done in your own home.

What shall we wear?

A lot of photographers advise neutral tones and no patterns, but I would recommend styling the shoot to show your personalities at those of your children. Every one in patterned clothes may look a little crazy so maybe think one person patterned the other plain for example these outfits work really well together as the colour of the shirt is picked out in the pattern of the shirt.


And this family chose great outfits that complimented each other in a more traditional fashion which also works really well especially in a larger group.

If I have booked an outdoor shoot what if the weather is bad?

I understand that you are looking to keep these photos forever and display them on your walls and share them with family. I take satisfaction in taking beautiful photos that you will treasure for years to come.

Unfortunately the British weather is changeable I am not adverse to shooting in the rain in fact you can get some stunning images with a moody sky and rain creates great reflections and children love splashing in puddles!! The worst days are the very grey overcast drizzly days... But if you can be flexible then so can I and I will prioritise you a new booking if the weather doesn't suit your vision.


How long does the shoot take?

A family shoot can take anywhere between 1 and 2 hours If you want to shoot for longer I am fine with that too, but most of the time chlldren have had enough after this time.


When and how do we view our pictures?

You will be sent a photobook in the post with your 

What format do we get our photos in?


Can I buy the digital copies as well?

For every print you buy you will receive a low res copy for you to have on your phone or computer and these will be suitable to print as a 6x4 or 7x5 image.

If you require the High res digital images you can buy them seperately as an add on to any of the packages.


How do I book a session?

Please just call me up  or send me a message and we can arrange it.